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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our clinic or treatment options, you can find our list of frequently asked questions below. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of common questions to help address any concerns you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking at the Pain Care Clinics?

All of our clinics have ample parking with accessibility spots as well. There are local transit programs who can offer you door-to-door service should you require it. Click here for more details.

I must cancel or re-schedule, how do I do that?

You can call the clinic and work with the Medical Administrator to find a better appointment time or cancel your appointment. To find your clinics phone number, please click here.

What are the wait times before I can be treated?

We typically can get a referral processed and an appointment booked for you within 2 weeks.  To skip the wait, you can self-refer via our rapid access clinic, please click here.

What can I expect once my referral is sent into PCC?

Once your referral is received, our Medical Administrators will contract you to book your first appointment. They will then email you our intake package that we ask you to please complete and bring with you to your first appointment. If you do not have access to a print, you can arrive 45 minutes early to your first appointment and the clinic staff will present you with a printed copy.

How do I obtain treatment at PCC?

You can be referred to PCC by your Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner.

Alternatively, you can contact our Rapid Access Program. You will be assessed by a health care provider to who will create your intake package. From there an appointment will be scheduled with a Physician who can discuss a course of action to manage your pain.
To contact the Rapid Access Clinic please call 1-844-622-7246.

You can find more details about this program at Rapid access clinic

Are the treatments offered by Pain Care Clinics covered under OHIP?

OHIP currently covers most of our treatments with the exception of Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) and Botox procedures.

It is recommended to consult your extended health insurance providers to discover if PRP and Botox for pain management is covered under your policy.

What do I need to bring to the clinic?

Please bring your OHIP card and wear loose comfortable clothing that allows the doctor access to your region of pain.

What should I expect during my first visit?

Before your first visit, our staff will send you our questionnaire package. Please complete the questionnaire before your visit, as we cannot proceed with the appointment without it.

If you do not have access to a printer, please make sure you arrive 45 mins earlier than your scheduled appointment time. On the date of your appointment, you will be welcomed by our friendly staff and physicians.

Your first visit will be around one hour.

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