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Our Values

At PCC, we are a family of specialized medical professionals impassioned by our expertise in the science of pain management. we operate within a set of five core values that guide our actions and our culture every day and that shape our plans as we look towards the future.


We work with a sense of ethics, morals, and shared purpose; thereby contributing to the long-term health and well-being of patients and communities.


We are motivated by the hard work, rigour and willpower required to make positive and lasting changes in pain management. Our patients drive our ambition to raise the standards of quality inpatient care.


We interact and communicate honestly and sincerely to bring hope and optimism to our patients and team. Our positive outlook graces us with an everlasting appreciation for the beauty of life.


We exercise our creativity, ingenuity and our thoughtfulness to turn our ideas into industry-leading achievements.


We care deeply for our patients and each other, practicing fairness, empathy and mutuality at every opportunity.