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Why is it important to manage stress?

Unfortunately, due to the challenges or complications of modern life, monitoring your stress and finding what triggers it may be challenging. Stress is a mental, physical and emotional response to a challenging event in your life and is a normal part of being human. Taking stress as something positive can lead to growth, action, and change. Living with high levels of stress can put your physical and mental health at risk which can cause serious health problems.

Stress can limit your ability to think clearly and function effectively, this in turn will deteriorate your health and quality of life. Multiple challenges and daily hassles or stressors such as job pressures, relationship problems, financial issues, being late to work, waiting in traffic, and many more can contribute to your stress level daily. A positive change or event happening in your life, such as getting married or buying a house can also be stressful. When you manage your stress, it will help you deal with adversity in your life. It is crucial to pay attention and identify what triggers your stress so you can practice and learn how to cope with it. This will make you more productive and happier in life.

How do I cope and adapt with stress?

You can benefit from practising effective stress management techniques, such as breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help manage your stress levels. Start to implement healthy eating habits, exercise regularly, and get adequate sleep to reduce your stress levels. Don’t spend too much time sitting down watching television or on your computer and phone all day. Improve your time management and prioritization skills to stay calm and focused so that you may achieve a healthier work-life balance.

Make time for fun and relaxation by doing something you enjoy such as listening to music or reading a book. Your mind and body will become calm and centered. Whatever technique you use to cope with your stress, make sure you enjoy doing it so you’re more likely to stick with it. Consider managing your stress the right way (therapy, relaxation techniques, etc.) instead of taking any medications.  If you feel like your mental health is deteriorating due to anxiety and depression, talk to your doctor about strategies that may benefit you.

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